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Company Podcasts

Here is a selection of company podcasts:

Here you can listen to the stories direct from BMW. These stories cover the latest BMW models, innovations and new technologies. These podcasts contain interviews with individual BMW experts about innovations and their personal impressions.

BMW Audio Books
A unique series of specially-commissioned short stories showcasing the work of some of the finest contemporary writing talent.

Virgin Atlantic
Travel guides to 7 global locations including Cuba, Las Vegas and London.

Join host Michael W. Geoghegan as he brings interviews, stories and event highlights from the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland® to your mp3 player.

Veterinarians and pet lovers discuss topics such as animal training, pet surgery, behavioral theories and pet insurance.

Simon & Schuster
Interviews with bestselling and up-and-coming authors and excerpts read from their audiobooks.

The Penguin Podcast is a fortnightly episode of book extracts, author interviews and features from Penguin Books UK.

This discussion-based podcast addresses matters that impact families with diverse backgrounds and experiences. The podcast features real, everyday people and/or subject-matter experts.

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Marlboro Country

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The Marketing Project

Each student is required to create a blog based on an approved theme relating to marketing and advertising. The blog should provide an insight into the chosen topic and act as a forum for discussion.

We shall be using WordPress for this project as it is free, user-friendly and hosted.

All students must post at least one new entry to their blog each week. Posts must relate to the chosen topic and should contain original commentary. Quotes from other sources must be clearly identified and, wherever possible, linked to. Students must also post at least one comment per week on their classmates’ blogs. These are minimum requirements and further posts/comments are to be encouraged. Students will also be responsible for responding to any comments posted by classmates (or the teacher) on their own blog.

A links list should be created on the blog with links to sites relevant to the chosen topic. Links may point to web sites, other blogs or articles.

Each class member is required to subscribe to all of the other class members’ blogs using Bloglines, a news aggregator, using the RSS feed which WordPress creates automatically.

This project will count for one third of the ‘contrôle continu’ mark for S4.

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